core image thumb“Shine from the inside out” as you discover freedom, strength and joy in everyday movements using the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM!

I am Fully Certified in:

• Level I & II GYROTONIC® Methodology
• Jumping Stretching Board
• Leg Extension Units
• Gyrotonic Rehabilitative Applications for the shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle and scoliosis

Core Radiance offers the most up-to-date equipment and training and I am also a licensed Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Pre-Trainer.

At my warm and inviting home studio north of Montana Avenue in Santa Monica you will receive individualized instruction in this unique form of movement as you re-connect to your deepest source of strength and vitality.

What Gyrotonic Movement can do for you:

1.  Low Back Pain – Practicing Gyrotonic exercise regularly can greatly improve poor posture and lessen back pain by lengthening the spine and strengthening your core stabilizing muscles.  Opening the sternum, re-connecting your shoulder blades and softening your ribcage allows your shoulders to fall into their right position as the spine lengthens upward.  You feel taller and some actually say they ARE taller!
2.  Eliminating Toxins – the continuous movement; arching, curling, spiraling; corresponding breathing patterns and moving from your core prevent stagnation in the body and promote removal of waste and lymph fluids.
3.  Sculpting long, lean muscles – the adjustable weights and combined extending and expanding help build longer, leaner muscles.
4.  Focus – All movements engage the whole body and the whole mind using coordinated breathing as the bridge, so you have to stay focused.  You can’t be thinking about your grocery list or what’s next on your schedule.  You leave feeling released and connected in your body and refreshed in the mind and spirit.

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